Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Is Summoned...and Answers With a Vengeance

You can probably blame me for our especially ferocious winter. I said in January that I was disappointed with the lack of snow, thereby guaranteeing we would be hit with blizzards and bitter cold until April.

As we waited for the weather to warm up, Kelly did what has now become a tradition: redecorating the house in honor of spring. She added leaves to our wall tree...

...and helped the kids draw flowers on the windows (with special washable markers designed for glass).

The real spring finally arrived over the weekend, bringing tree blossoms and temperatures in the 70s.

The transformation of Roosevelt Island's trees was so dramatic, people just stared at them agape.

Here's what one of them on Riverwalk Commons looked like...

People were so intent on taking their pictures in front of the tree, a line formed. It was like getting a shot with Elmo in Times Square (but less creepy).

I'm sure the novelty of spring will wear off soon enough, but it's nice to see people get this excited about trees.