Thursday, April 16, 2015

Same Game: Different Perspective

I discovered tonight that Elliot wrote a story for school on last Friday's basketball game.

It's before encountering the foam finger, so we have no arms.

I'm not sure this will provide solace to Knicks fans, but his account of the 99-91 loss was titled "The Best Basketball Game Ever."
On Friday my dad took me to a basketball game. We took the train to the game. First we found our seats. They were 12 and 11. There was a big TV on the ceiling showing buildings from below. 
Then I got a cheesberger with water and watched the game. It was exciting. Then we got a blue foam finger. It was expensive. 
After we watched the game some more. Finally we got a ice cream with chocolate and vanilla, chocolate chips and MMMs [M&Ms]. It was deleshes. 
After a little more of the game they did a t-shirt toss. I did not get one. 
After that the game ended and we cot a cab.
Unsurprisingly, his memories were mostly about food. (There wasn't even a mention of seeing the star of "Hop.")

Ice cream sundae.

At least that's one thing the Knicks can control: keeping the "MMMs" stocked.