Friday, April 03, 2015

Alice vs. Alice

I'd been vaguely aware that there was an Alice in Wonderland sculpture in Central Park, but I didn't make an effort to visit it until today.

I was out with Alice and figured it would be a treat to see her storybook namesake.

From the Central Park website:
Alice and her cast of storybook friends found their way to Central Park in 1959, when philanthropist George Delacorte commissioned this bronze statue as a gift to the children of New York City. Inspired by the zany characters of the Lewis Carroll classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, the sculpture was also meant as a tribute to his late wife, Margarita, who read Alice to their children. Engraved around the statue are lines from his nonsensical poem, The Jabberwocky.
 Let's be honest: This sculpture itself is creepy as all get-out.

 But then again, so is the book. So it feels about right.