Sunday, February 08, 2015

Is This the Best Brand Name for a Stroller?

Our previous stroller came apart at the seams — apparently because someone (me) didn't respect the clearly stated weight limits. (Putting all three kids in at once is a no-no.)

So now we have a new stroller, and we're quite happy with it. But I wonder about the brand name: Joovy.

Kelly did extensive online research, and it's a well-respected name. I just think that a product you literally lock your children inside probably shouldn't sound like "juvey."

(As I was working on this post, autocorrect repeatedly tried to change "joovy" to "joint." I can't tell if that's an error or an extremely perceptive move.)

It doesn't help that our stroller is prison-jumpsuit orange.

Then again, when the kids start acting up, solitary confinement starts to sound very attractive. (Either for them or me,)