Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This Handy Quiz Shows If You Should Have Three Kids

I came across this quiz on the Scary Mommy blog that tells you if you're cut out to have three children. It's a bit late for us, but I figured I should know if we made the right choice.

So here goes...

1. You like sleep deprivation.

 No, but I can probably tolerate it better than some.

2. You have an industrial sized washing machine.

Uh-oh, we don't have a washing machine at all.

3. You have an enormous car.

How about no car whatsoever?

4. You like noise.

Not especially?

5. You like being with your partner ALL of the time.

When I'm not at work?

6. You like your partner.

Yes! Nailed one. Maybe I can turn this quiz arou--

7. Your family lives nearby.

Er. They have to get into an airplane to see us, so probably a "no" here.

8. You’re agoraphobic and antisocial.

I'm just going to start saying "yes" to put a few in the win column.

9. You don’t need time for yourself.

Aside from when I lock myself in the bathroom and ignore the screams?

10. You have a full time nanny, cleaner and chauffeur. 

No, but I don't think I was supposed to get this one right.

11. You have no expectations whatsoever. Of anything ever again.

I can live with this one. I declare victory!