Saturday, November 22, 2014

The East River Roundabout...Up Close

You remember the East River's the controversial sculpture that was recently painted red, making it look like a similar work by the same artist. (Full disclosure: It is only controversial on this blog. Most people don't know it exists.)

Anyway, Elliot and I went over to check it out in person.

As I've mentioned before, the art installation dates to 1995, when it was added to the top of a former garbage-transfer facility.

When we made our recent visit, we were the only people there. That probably doesn't speak to it being a bustling civic center. Still, it was exciting standing over the thrum of FDR drive.

It also provided a unique perspective on the Roosevelt Island tram. You can see it here through the girders of the Roundabout.

Moreover, it's nice to be someplace that considers Roosevelt Island itself to be something worth viewing.

So even if the East River Roundabout fails to be a must-visit destination, I'm glad it exists.