Sunday, October 19, 2014

Giving Your Kid a Baseball Name

With the World Series starting this week (go Giants!), I did a post for Nameberry on mining major-league rosters for baby-name ideas.

One of my biggest findings was how many players go by initials: There are eight AJs, two BJs, two CCs, three CJs, a DJ, a JA, a JB, a JD, two JJs, a JP, a JT, an RA, an RJ and two TJs on active rosters. (See the full post here.)

There also are six Caseys — a disproportionately high number. Clearly some of the parents of those kids were inspired by "Casey at the Bat."

This would support the idea of names determining destiny. These parents gave their children "baseball names," then sure enough, the kids became professional baseball players.

The most extreme example of this may be Robinson Cano, the former Yankee who now plays for the Mariners.

He was named after Jackie Robinson, a move that ultimate led to him landing a $240 million contract last year. Nice work, parents.

Of course, Cano's dad also played pro baseball, so Robinson clearly inherited some genetic gifts.

In other words, this naming strategy may not work for everybody.