Wednesday, July 02, 2014

A Red Tram With a Very Different View

We're on vacation in Atlanta this week, and apparently the theme of our trip is "doing New York things slightly differently."

When we arrived on Saturday, we almost immediately went to a restaurant called the New York Pizza Exchange. (Sadly, I didn't bring a New York pizza to exchange, so we had to pay with cash.)

Things got weirder when we went to Stone Mountain (the fictional home of NBC page Kenneth Parcell) and rode a familiar-looking red tram up the mountain.

When the tram operator was explaining things to us (like how the ride gets bumpy as it passes the support towers), I was tempted to say, "Yeah, we've got this."

I made a video of the ride, so you can compare and contrast with the Roosevelt Island version.

Helpful hint if you're having trouble telling the difference: Roosevelt Island has fewer monuments honoring the Confederacy.