Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Blissful Roosevelt Island Day

I sometimes have misgivings about where we live (the climate, the East Berlin architecture), but today it was hard to see Roosevelt Island as anything other than a utopia.

The weather was near-perfect (even by California standards), it was the first day of summer, and it was Roosevelt Island Day! (Why doesn't every place have a special day named after itself? Is there no Manhattan Day or Queens Day?)

The island puts on a big festival, with lots of fun stuff for kids. We rode rides, ate cotton candy and yarn-bombed a tree.

I made a video documenting the occasion.

We've only lived here for a little more than two years, but I swear the kids have ridden that spinning-apple thing at six different events. The island trots it out for everything (Halloween, festivals, what have you).

If someone at the Roosevelt Island Operating Corp. has that spinning apple on their books, I can assure them it has paid for itself by now.