Monday, May 19, 2014

Springtime: Inside and Out

This year's spring came in fits and starts, but we've definitely entered a pleasant phase. The last few days have been downright California-like (warm enough for a T-shirt, but not humid).

Continuing last year's tradition, Kelly and the kids decorated the apartment to mark the arrival of spring. That included creating butterflies out of coffee filters and pipe cleaners (sorry, I guess I mean chenille stems).

Kelly also put this decal on the wall and outfitted it with paper leaf cutouts.

This is a good way to decorate a drywall partition that can't support hanged artwork.

A friend once said that our apartment looks like a preschool. (She actually said, "a classy preschool," but I'm pretty sure she was just being nice.)

Anyway, I guess that's better than a dorm room?