Wednesday, April 02, 2014

A Feel-Good Story About a Not-So-Good Team

It was a delightful surprise to come across this last night: an in-depth look at the early-'90s Haverford men's basketball team (and its infamous losing streak) in Sports Illustrated.

Photo courtesy of Haverford, via Sports Illustrated.

I never played basketball and some of the events occurred before I arrived at Haverford, but the story provided a burst of nostalgia — in addition to being funny and touching.

Often when you read a long-form piece about a topic you know well, you're distracted by all the things the writer gets wrong. In this case, the story feels like a perfect window into that time (at least the way I remember it). He managed to capture both what made Haverford special and why being a college athlete (good or bad) was so rewarding.