Sunday, March 09, 2014

Tooth Fairy Summoned Too Soon: Part Two

The Tooth Fairy visited our house again last night, harvesting another tooth that was lost before its time.

After Alice fell off a wall last September and knocked out one of her front teeth, we thought the episode was over. Unfortunately, the tooth next to it was also traumatized. The dentist told us this weekend that it had to be yanked out as well.

Alice had already become wary of doctors and dentists before the latest incident. When we went to the dentist yesterday, we told her it was just going to be a cleaning. In fact, before she agreed to go, Alice wanted assurances that (1.) she wouldn't get any shots and (2.) none of her teeth would be extracted. Kelly swore she had nothing to worry about.

Turns out, Kelly lied on both counts. Alice got a shot (the novacane) and then a tooth was pulled. Poor girl. To comfort Alice, the dentist gave her a whole roll of SmileMakers princess stickers. (The dentist also calmed her with fruit-flavored laughing gas. I wasn't aware this sort of thing existed.)

The promise of a Tooth Fairy visit provided Alice some solace, though I didn't have time to go to FAO Schwarz this time to get her gift. Instead, I bought her a Hello Kitty doll from one of the stores on Roosevelt Island. (We could have just left money under her pillow, but giving a 3-year-old cold, hard cash doesn't feel like the right choice either.)

The doll cost more than $20, which puts me on an alarming trajectory. After all, we have three kids' worth of teeth to pay for.

But a tooth that's lost in a traumatic situation (and several years prematurely) feels like it warrants something special.

On the plus side, there is one benefit to losing both your top front teeth: Alice's smile is back to being symmetrical.