Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Etiquette of Cupcake ATMs

Today the Sprinkles shop on Lexington Avenue opened the city's first "cupcake ATM." (Critics have noted that unless you can deposit cupcakes in addition to withdrawing them, it's really more of a vending machine.)

The line stretched down the block, which made the usual ATM etiquette (execute your transaction as quickly as possible) even more essential.

Seinfeld also recommended giving people six feet of space at the ATM, though I'm not sure that applies here.

One problem with the cupcake ATM (at least on its first day): Every user spent half the time taking pictures of it. Hopefully that will get better as the novelty wears off.

Then again, once the novelty wears off...is there really a point to having a cupcake ATM?