Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rap-Quotes Project Heads to Los Angeles

Almost a year ago, artist Jay Shells posted street signs around New York featuring rap lyrics about that specific location.

Well, now the West Coast has gotten the same treatment. Shells descended on Los Angeles and put up 45 rap quotes. (I feel like Warren G.'s "Regulate" alone could provide enough material for the whole project.)

If you're in L.A. and want to check it out, you're out of luck. According to a Los Angeles Times story last week, every sign has been stolen.  (Thanks for pointing out, BuboBlog Southern California correspondent Kasey.)

The Times also created this cool interactive map.

View larger map on

I'd still like to see Shells bring this to the Bay Area, though it's hard to imagine there is 45 signs worth of material (at least not without going to Vallejo).