Friday, February 07, 2014

Legos: Then and Now

"The Lego Movie" opens this weekend, providing a showcase for the vast assortment of Lego characters available (pirates, construction workers, Abraham Lincoln).

The film is supposed to be surprisingly good, and I'm looking forward to seeing it. But it really hits home how different Legos are today than when I was a kid.

In my day, there were just smiley-faced Lego men. (And no aliens.) At the time, I remember being bothered by the ever-present grin. I would send my Lego men on some pretty intense adventures, and it didn't seem like you should be smiling while fending off an attack from a Zoid Battlesaurus.

So I would twist their heads around inside their helmets. That way, only the blank part showed. Better to have no face than one with the wrong expression, right?

At least today kids don't have to put up with Lego men that are always happy. In fact, Batman looks permanently pissed off.

In fairness, his parents were murdered.