Monday, February 03, 2014

Bubo's Super Bowl Appearance

In case you missed it, Radio Shack aired a Super Bowl commercial where they made light of the fact that the chain is trapped in the 1980s. The ad featured such '80s notables as Hulk Hogan, Erik Estrada, Dee Snyder (of Twisted Sister) and Mary Lou Retton.

It also had an appearance by this blog's namesake: Bubo, the mechanical owl from the original "Clash of the Titans."

I was excited to see Bubo's cameo, but I'm not sure I consider him to be a 1980s icon. Part of the charm of the original "Clash" was its effects were already dated by the time of its release date in 1981. It was the last film with Dynamation, and Bubo himself was seen as a knockoff of R2-D2.

That said, I remember seeing "Clash of the Titans" lunch boxes at elementary school until at least 1984.