Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Cities Visited: 2013 Edition

Since 2006, I've compiled an annual list of all the cities I've visited in the past year. The rules require you to stay overnight in a city for it to count. (Fellow blogger Anh-Minh had the idea first and typically has a more impressive list.)

Back in my pre-baby days, I would have as many as 13 cities on my annual list. But these days, seven is a pretty good showing (it at least beats my record low of six from 2011).

My 2013 tally:
Marietta, Ga.
Newnan, Ga.
San Francisco
Scituate, Mass.
Northeast Harbor, Maine
Boxboro, Mass.

We also flew as a family of five for the first time in 2013, so I'd say that's a pretty big accomplishment. In 2014, we'll see if the kids can handle a cross-country flight.