Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Changing Definition of Family

This year we continued our family tradition of giving the kids pajamas on Christmas Eve. But we held off on getting a set of matching PJs for the whole family (the kind popularized by the viral video "#XMAS JAMMIES").

The Pajamagram company (motto: "send the gift of relaxation") promotes these sets pretty aggressively around the holidays.

I found it interesting to peruse the 41 different examples of family pajama sets they offer. There are no gay couples, but there are 14 families where it's just a single person and their pets. That means more than a third of the "families" contain only one human!

So apparently America is okay with the definition of family including a crazy cat lady, but it's not quite ready for gays to wear footie pajamas with their kids. Maybe this is something we can work on in 2014.