Thursday, December 19, 2013

Talk About Recycling!

I had to have a tooth extracted today because it was cracked (kids, don't ever chew ice). So I got introduced to the intriguing world of dental implants.

Before they can put in an artificial tooth, they have to lay the groundwork with bone graft material. What is bone graft material, you ask? Well, I had the following conversation with the dentist.
"What is it made out of?"
"Human bones?"
"From dead people?"
"But they clean it."
I guess it's no different from getting an organ transplant, but there's something strange about having a crushed-up dead person inside your mouth.

What if the bones came from a murderer? (Or a bone thug?)

Still, as Kelly noted, the Berkeleyan in me should applaud this: At least it's organic.