Thursday, December 05, 2013

'Indestructible' Book Lives Up to Its Name

Like most babies, Lucy will put pretty much anything in her mouth: dolls, tissues, the dustpan. But her favorite target is paper. She seems to delight in biting, shredding and destroying any kind of print media.

You may recall this video of her devouring the New York Times.

That makes it hard to preserve our collection of board books, which have now been gummed and chewed by three different babies.

So I was excited to discover a series of baby books called "Indestructibles." Each thin volume is constructed out of the same material as shipping envelopes. According to their publisher, that makes the books "100 percent baby-proof: chew-proof, drool-proof and rip-proof."

We bought one of these books back when Alice was a baby, so I've now seen two children attempt to destroy it. And I have to say, it totally lives up to its claims.

I've watched Lucy go to town on this book, doing her best to shred it. And nothing happens.

I imagine her staring at it in wonder and saying, "Why won't you DIE?"

The downside is the books are pamphlet-thin — not a lot of content here — and there are no words at all. So you have to make up your own story.

But it's totally worth it — if only to erect a small bulwark against baby's path of destruction.