Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I Wasn't Ignoring My Family — I Was Taking Videos!

It's nice to see some validation for people who spend all their time taking videos of their family, rather than actually spending time with their family.

First there was this dad who captured 25 straight years of his kids coming down the stairs on Christmas morning. (The video is actually a few years old, but I noticed it on the Huffington Post this week.)

Then I came across this iPhone commercial called "Misunderstood," featuring a seemingly antisocial teenage boy. Though he appears to be engrossed in his iPhone during holiday festivities, he's actually secretly filming his family. (Okay, it sounds creepy when I say it like that.)

I will probably spend much of Christmas behind a camera as well, as I did last year.

But holiday videos can go too far. Take this family, which struts around in pajamas in order to (successfully) create a viral video.

It makes me nostalgic for the VHS days, when the only chance of a holiday video going viral was if the dad got hit in the crotch with a hammer.