Friday, November 22, 2013

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa...Now You've Gone Too Far

When Jon Stewart proclaimed the superiority of New York-style pizza over Chicago deep dish, he had my support.

I mean, I don't dislike any kind of pizza. But I usually choose a thin foldable slice over a goopy pan of cheese with grease-laden crust. Visible tomatoes — a hallmark of Chicago-style pizza — also give me the skeevies. (Zachary's may be the exception.)

This week Stewart agreed to a truce with Chicago, but then took aim at a most undeserving target: California pizza, which he described as a "pile of s--t."

I've spent most of my adult life eating California pizza, and I take offense at this. I mean, it's hard to beat the Big Apple's sheer density of pizza places. But New York can't compete with the quality of the toppings in the Golden State.

Sure, some places go overboard with the experimentation (squid-ink sauce with poached quail egg). But my favorite pizza place in San Francisco was actually a hole-in-the-wall joint called Senore's on 19th Avenue. No frills, just great thin-crust pizza.

I'd happily pit it against any of the New York places I go to now.