Monday, November 18, 2013

When Photoshopped Images Are Just Plain Confusing

The movie "Guilt Trip" came out a long time ago, but its poster still features prominently at our local video store.

Every time we walk by, Elliot likes to stop and look at all the movies being advertised. He asks me what each one is about, forcing me to give one-sentence reviews suitable for a 5-year-old. ("The Hobbit": "Little people go on an adventure.")

With "Guilt Trip," I tell him it's about a man who drives around in a car with his mother.

The thing is, the woman in the picture doesn't look like she could be his mother. They appear to be the same age.

In real life, Barbra Streisand is 71 and Seth Rogen is 31. That means she's actually a bit old to be playing his mother. Photoshop has erased a 40-year difference.

I understand Hollywood's desire to make its stars look youthful, but is there no concern for how this poster could confuse 5-year-olds?