Saturday, November 02, 2013

Here's Another Thing Red and Blue States Agree On

While discussing the popularity of the name Jennifer in the 1970s, I remarked that it was the last time all 50 states in America agreed on something.

I was wrong. Even in 2013, when our political differences cause legislative gridlock and threaten civil discourse, we all like the same pizza topping: pepperoni.

Business Insider published the map above (which sadly isn't an animated GIF but is still pretty powerful).

Even within this unified front, through, there are varying degrees of enthusiasm: "Forty percent of people in Georgia ordered pepperoni on their pizzas, while only about 20 percent of those in New York and California did. About 14 percent of New Yorkers ordered mushrooms, while only 8 percent of customers in Tennessee did."

Still, maybe our shared pepperoni support can help us heal as a nation — or at least all get fat together.