Monday, October 07, 2013

Waiting on Line vs. Waiting in Line: Part Three

As loyal BuboBlog readers know, I'm part of a one-man crusade to get New Yorkers to stop saying "waiting on line" — if only because it's pretty confusing in the Internet era.

So I was disappointed to notice the "on line" phrasing used by one of our nation's most hallowed institutions: Schoolhouse Rock!

The bill from "I'm Just a Bill" waits "on line" to be signed by the president. (Skip ahead to the 2 minute, 10 second mark.)

Unsurprisingly, "I'm Just a Bill" was written by a New Yorker, the jazz pianist and vocalist Dave Frishberg.

Frishberg also wrote the Mel Tormé classic "I'm Hip," so all is forgiven.

Meanwhile, Johnny T — the abrasive puppet and quintessential New Yorker — used "in line" in a recent video.

So I guess I'm at least making progress.