Friday, October 25, 2013

New Yorkers *Really* Like the Name Michael

One of the most striking things about yesterday's baby-name maps: the enduring popularity of Michael in New York.

While most other states have moved on to Jacob or Mason or Liam, New Yorkers are still carrying a torch for ol' Mike. Other than 1964, when the state honored JFK's passing by picking John, Michael has been New York's top name for 53 years. (Basically, it took a beloved president being gunned down in broad daylight for the resolve of New Yorkers to waver once.) That's crazy.

When it comes to girls' names, New York has flirted with all the popular choices over the years: Lisa, Jennifer, Jessica, Ashley, Emily, Isabella and now Sophia. It's mostly moved in step with the rest of the nation (aside from a weird dalliance with Samantha in the late-1990s).

But for boys, it's Michael, Michael, Michael.

It's like New York is your grandpa who found something on the menu he likes and refuses to ever order anything else.

"Pops, you should try the William this time. It's delicious."

"No! I like what I like. Stop hassling me."