Thursday, August 08, 2013

The Evolution of a Practical Joker

From the moment Elliot could speak, he has pulled pranks on us.

When he first got a toddler bed at age 2, he would sleep sideways across his pillow. As soon as I would notice what he was doing, he'd erupt into laughter and say, "I tricked you, Daddy!" (Not sure how I was "tricked" exactly, but I was happy to play along.)

Doing something suspicious involving grapes.

Now things have gotten a little more intense.

The other night I went into the kids' room to see if they were asleep and Elliot was lying in wait by the door. I screamed and jumped back. "I tricked you, Daddy." (Hard to argue with that characterization this time.)

Another night he told me that he had peed in Alice's potty. As I scrambled to pour the pee from the potty into the toilet, he told me that it was just water. (The potty is orange-colored, so it's hard to tell.) Okay, Elliot, you got me again.

Recently I received a package with lots of parts in it. I pulled all the components out of the cardboard box and then let the kids play with it.

Elliot put some wooden blocks into the bottom of the box and then told me that there were still some "parts" inside it. I took back the box and dumped it out to find the parts, only to find the blocks. Elliot laughed. "I tricked you, Daddy."

It wasn't the most mean-spirited prank in the world, but pretty convincing. I'm a little alarmed at the progression here.

This kid is 4 years old. One can only imagine what we'll be dealing with when he's 12.