Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Seeing Double: Hillary Clinton Edition

As you know, I like to track instances where two movies come out on the same topic (click the "Seeing Double" tag for my exhaustive body of work on the issue).

Photo courtesy of Newsday.

Well, here's a subject I didn't expect to come up in this context: Hillary Clinton.

There are a whopping three movies in the works on Hillary (a politician who has my undying loyalty because of her ability to use "begs the question" correctly).

From New York Magazine:
Most former U.S. presidents don’t live to see their biopics. Former First Lady and secretary of state Hillary Clinton will get to see three before she even has the chance to win her party's nomination. In addition to the buzzy Hollywood treatment coming up with Rodham, NBC and CNN announced last month that they had their own HRC projects in the pipeline. All three are still months, if not years, away.
I guess we'll see how many of these projects make it to fruition (remember, two Harvey Milk movies were originally planned).

But I take issue with the line about most U.S. presidents not living to see their biopics. The George Bush film "W." came out while he was still in office, and Bill Clinton had years left in his presidency when "Primary Colors" was released in 1998. (That last one wasn't technically a biopic, but close enough.)

I can guarantee that Hollywood producers will be lining to do the definitive Obama biopic as his presidency winds down in 2016.