Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Bay Area From a New York Perspective

I came across this amusing (and relatively accurate) map on Facebook.

Source: Visual.ly.

We can debate whether the South Bay resembles Long Island, but I guess you could make a case that the Peninsula shares some kinship with Southampton and other affluent areas (not that those places have any of Silicon Valley's creative spark).

The real false note for me is Berkeley as New Haven. Yes, they're both home to well-known universities. But the fact is, New York doesn't have a Berkeley.

When we moved to the Big Apple last year, I asked, "What is your equivalent of Berkeley?" By that I meant a reasonably affordable college town with a quirky populace and great weather. Oh, and it has to be a short commute to the city.

There is no such place.

(But in fairness, asking for great weather rules out the entire Eastern seaboard.)