Monday, July 15, 2013

Right Back Atcha: New York From a Bay Area Perspective

Earlier this month a map purporting to show the Bay Area from a New York viewpoint made the rounds online.

Well, the folks at San Francisco magazine have responded with a map of their own.

Now, I can't vouch for everything here (I know little about New Jersey suburbs — in fact, we haven't set foot in the Garden State once since moving here in 2012). But most of the choices for the New York City neighborhoods make sense to me.

Having Chinatown = Chinatown is probably the safest pick.

The Upper West Side is Berkeley, which I suppose speaks to the bohemian nature of both places.

Roosevelt Island is Alameda, another well-informed choice. Both islands are family-friendly and have a 1950s vibe (unfortunately, Roosevelt Island is 1950s in an Eastern Bloc country).

Roosevelt Island photo courtesy of Huffington Post.

But the two share another sort of kinship. Back in 2002, Alameda considered  building a tramway from the island to the West Oakland BART station.

Sadly, it never happened. But I hope there's a "Fringe"-style parallel world in which both Roosevelt Island and Alameda Island have a whirring gondola serving them.