Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Grown Man Gets Carried Around New York in a Baby Bjorn

What's it like to be a baby in New York City? Comedian Mark Malkoff wanted to find out, so he had Grizz Chapman carry him around the city in a Baby Bjorn-style contraption. (You may remember Grizz as the 7-foot-tall member of Tracy Morgan's entourage on "30 Rock.")

I love this. But the fact is, attaching any human to your chest — even an infant — is pretty ridiculous.

Invariably, people stop and smirk at you as you walk by. Sometimes they'll start interacting with the baby while ignoring you. (I think I finally understand what it's like to be a large-chested woman. "Hello, I'm up here.")

I've now carried three different babies in a Baby Bjorn and I still feel like a buffoon every time.

But at least Lulu doesn't weigh 130 pounds.