Sunday, July 14, 2013

Flying While Crying

I mentioned how our first flight with three kids went relatively smoothly. The trip back this weekend wasn't quite so great.

It started with Kelly and I having to feed the baby across the aisle. We were both sitting at the end of the row, and there was no way to feed Lulu other than me holding her and having Kelly shovel the baby food in from her side.

Let's just say, a lot of other passengers came very close to walking into a dollop of pureed sweet potato.

After I had been holding the baby for a while, I noticed that my pants were damp. I soon realized her diaper had leaked and soaked my entire crotch area. It looked as if I had peed myself, which (from a DNA perspective) I basically did.

Worse, she had pooped in her diaper. And since we were all buckled in, we couldn't take her to the bathroom to change her.

Did I mention that we hadn't taken off yet?

So we changed her right there in the aisle, in full view of everyone. There was a story a few months ago about a couple catching flak for changing their baby at a Starbucks. Well, here we were in front of a captive audience doing the same thing (and this was a No. 2, the ultimate offense).

The other kids didn't help. Alice had a meltdown because she couldn't use the iPad during takeoff. (You have to wonder if the FAA realizes that its electronics guidelines make children totally unmanageable.) And Elliot wouldn't stop kicking the seat in front of him. He also practically climbed over the headrest to say hello to his neighbor in the most welcome way.

Fortunately, we were able to use the iPad and iPhone to calm the kids after takeoff. In the photo above, Alice has three pacifiers: the iPad, her yaya and an actual pacifier. It was only barely enough to hold her off (she still looks a little angry).

You have to wonder what people with multiple kids did in the old days.

I guess they just never left the house.