Friday, June 21, 2013

What Kanye West Got Right With His Baby-Name Choice

As a baby-name aficionado, I feel I must weigh in on what Kim Kardashian and Kanye West called their daughter: North West.

Photo illustration courtesy of the Daily News.

There's already been plenty of Twitter jokes at their expense, so I won't pile on here.

The obvious criticism is that it's a gimmicky pun — one that belies Kanye's considerable lyrical talents. (I do respect him as a musician. And hey, it's impressive that he managed to debut a new album and a new baby within three days of each other.)

North also is typically viewed as a boy's name, but that's a pretty minor quibble here.

What I like about North West is it's uncluttered. Just two simple syllables that are easy to spell. (Kim apparently wanted to name the child "Easton" — get it? — which would have been considerably worse.)

And unlike Blue Ivy, which many people felt should have been "Ivy Blue," North West feels like it's in the right order.