Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Representing the Bay Area in the Big Apple

I mentioned in April how our oldest no longer wanted to wear his Golden Gate Bridge T-shirt because it didn't feature New York. (That still stings, but he's outgrown the shirt by now anyway.)

Fortunately I have two other children who still have no say in the matter. And over the years we've accumulated plenty of baby and toddler clothing with Bay Area imagery.

An homage to San Francisco's Muni...

...the Golden Gate Bridge...

...and Muni again.

It's maybe odd to glorify a vastly inferior public-transit system in the home of the world-class MTA. (Not to mention the fact that Lulu is a native New Yorker who has never once left this fair city in her entire life.) But I've got to try and indoctrinate them while I can.