Sunday, June 02, 2013

New York's Public Pianos

Yesterday we came across one of the 88 public pianos that are being set up across New York for a two-week run.

Each piano is designed by an artist, making the project similar to the fiberglass hearts that have periodically dotted San Francisco since 2004.

From the Daily News:
One of the 88 keyboards is entirely covered in artificial turf; another has been turned into a puzzle; and another is covered in hundreds of tiny, brightly-colored doors.
And unlike the hearts, the pianos are actually useful.

The Roosevelt Island piano is located near the Chapel of the Good Shepherd. When we got there, it appeared as if the instrument had only just been unwrapped. But a man was already sitting down, playing Tchaikovsky's Fifth Symphony.

This led to an impromptu dance session for the kids.

Another magical moment in the city. Well, until they started hitting each other again.