Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When Your Baby's Security Blanket Is Mommy's Hair

The thing about having at least three children is you start to discover the full panoply of baby behavior. Every kid's going to have a few quirks and until you have a big enough statistical sample, it's hard to tell what's typical and what's just weird.

Here's one in the (slightly) weird category: Lulu uses her mom's hair as a security blanket. When it's time for sleep, Lulu will reach for a nice, big handful of hair and soothe herself with it. Lucky for her, Kelly has long tresses.

The problem comes when it's time for Kelly to place Lulu in her crib. Since Kelly's hair is attached to her body, it doesn't really work as a "lovey." It also means it's harder for me to put the baby to bed since my locks aren't nearly so luxuriant.

Kelly went online to research the problem and ended up ordering a blanket with lots of fringe.

It works pretty well. When I'm feeding Lulu a bottle, I'll drape the blanket over my shoulder and she grabs hold of the threads. It's as if I've grown a nice set of dreadlocks.

The blanket also has a cool cowgirl theme.

I hope this eventually weans the baby from her habit.

After all, even Ultimate Fighters aren't allowed to pull hair.