Sunday, May 26, 2013

Self-Sufficient At Last

We hit a milestone of sorts yesterday when Elliot pushed his sisters in the stroller all the way to the Subway — with no assistance from me.

When I imagined having three kids, I always figured the oldest sibling would pick up the slack of caring for the younger ones. In reality, he often ends up being the most demanding of the trio. (It's tough when the "elder statesman" of the children is only 4 years old.)

Of course, after seeing Elliot push the stroller, Alice demanded to do the same. She immediately steered it toward traffic, putting an abrupt end to Daddy's relaxation time.

Elliot surprised me again last night when he helped take out the garbage and then — on his own — put new bags in every trashcan in our home. (I was so stunned to see the liners neatly in place that I wondered if a do-gooder had broken into the apartment.) Elliot has clearly come a long way from his early attempts at sweeping.

I could get used to this.