Sunday, May 05, 2013

Boy Loves 'Star Wars,' Despite Never Seeing 'Star Wars'

I posted a photo yesterday of Elliot in his R2D2 hoodie. But the fact is, Elliot has no idea who R2D2 is.

Elliot doesn't know any of the characters from the Star Wars films (other than Darth Vader, who he's somehow picked up through cultural osmosis). He's never watched any of the movies — or seen any of the affiliated cartoons or books.

We don't own any Star Wars toys either, other than a pair of small light sabers that double as M&M containers (regretfully given as stocking stuffers).

And yet, Elliot loves Star Wars. I'm not sure why or how. I think it's because other boys at school talk about it. But it's clearly stricken his fancy, even if he hasn't bothered to learn who any of the characters are.

A typical conversation...
"Daddy, let's play Star Wars."
"You be a bad guy from Star Wars, Daddy."
"Alright. How about Darth Vader."
"I'll be a good guy from Star Wars."
"Who do you want to be?"
"Who is a good guy from Star Wars?"
"Luke Skywalker?"
"Okay, I'll be that guy."
Then Elliot spends the next several minutes trying to stab me with his M&M light saber.

We received a Star Wars shirt as a hand-me-down and Elliot was very excited to wear it to school. He thought one of his friends would be impressed by it. And from what I gather, the friend was.

I wonder if this boy has actually seen Star Wars either, or whether he's just excited about the concept. (The name has "stars" and "wars" in it, so that's going to appeal to a boy no matter what.)

Back in the 1980s, I used to pretend we had cable television and that I had seen all of the current music videos. ("Friday Night Videos," which aired on NBC, would allow me to fake it well enough.) I also would claim to have watched a lot of R-rated movies, such as "Flashdance" and "Risky Business." I'm not sure I was fooling anybody.

Of course, I wasn't in preschool at the time. Perpetuating this subterfuge on 4-year-olds seems to be a good bit easier. I'm pretty sure no one has quizzed Elliot on plot points of the Star Wars films after seeing his shirt.

At some point, I'm going to have to give him a Jedi-like schooling in the ways of Star Wars. If only our DVDs weren't sitting in storage in Berkeley...