Sunday, April 21, 2013

Year One in New York City

Exactly a year ago, I boarded an airplane with two kids and a pregnant wife and took a midnight flight across the country to JFK airport.

We had spent the previous several days in a frenzy of packing and cleaning, just barely managing to clear out our Berkeley home in time. I remember thinking that we forgot to erase the pencil marks on the wall showing the kids' height. (I wonder if they're still there.)

We arrived in a fog-bound New York, which I found comforting at the time.

Since then we've lived in two apartments, survived hurricanes and blizzards, and even produced our very own New Yorker.

Along the way, we've carved out a nice little life here. And the kids have adjusted — perhaps too well.

The skyline provides plenty of Lego inspiration.

Alice, I'm sure, has no recollection of California. As for Elliot: While he still speaks fondly of Berkeley, his loyalties have begun to shift.

One time I was trying to get Elliot to put on his Golden Gate Bridge shirt. He balked at the idea. "No, Daddy, I only want to wear a shirt with New York on it."

Dagger to the heart.

At least he hasn't requested any Yankees merchandise. I have to draw the line somewhere.