Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Fine Line Between Useless and Awesome: Part 2

Rejoice: The HuffPost Parents site is back with its list of ridiculous baby products, featuring items such as this breast-feeding nipple hat...

Photo courtesy of Marvelous Kiddo.

...and the Daddle, a saddle for dads.

Photo courtesy of Do We Really Need That?

It still has our old favorites like the Baby Mop, the Peekaru and the BabyNes formula maker — all of which I've blogged about before myself. The iPotty also makes the list.

But I discovered a few products that were new to me.

Baby's Poop Alarm (below) "detects your baby's pee and poop and alerts with a melody and blinking LED light."

Photo courtesy of Hong Kong Trade Development Council.

Here's a diaper cover with a matching necktie (wearing my ties is hugely popular among the kids in our home, so this one might be worth investigating).

Photo courtesy of Etsy.

And how about a potty reminder watch?

Photo courtesy of OneStepAhead.

It gives new meaning to "half-past a monkey's ass."