Monday, April 29, 2013

Building It Up, So You Can Tear It Back Down

This weekend we saw "Oblivion," the Tom Cruise sci-fi movie about humans decamping from Earth (the first half of a double whammy on the topic).

I won't give a detailed review here, but the film had some problems: It was derivative, hokey at times and poorly paced. (Kelly described it as a "terrible movie," but she also called "Wanted" the worst movie ever.) On the plus side, it had some fun twists and gorgeous visuals. (BuboBlog Rating: 2.5 asterisks out of 4.)

A highlight was the post-apocalyptic view of New York. Other movies have shown the city underwater or beset by meteors. Here we get to see the Empire State Building almost submerged in mud, letting the characters hike up to the observation deck without having to take the stairs.

The Manhattan Bridge also gets partially buried.

What caught my eye was a flashback scene from before Earth is destroyed, circa 2017. Tom Cruise looks out at One World Trade Center, which is fully constructed. (The building is due to be completed later this year.)

Now, we've seen lots of movies and TV shows that have digitally restored the old World Trade Center ("Fringe," "Life on Mars," etc.). It's interesting to see a case when a film finishes building the new World Trade Center.

Rendering of One World Trade, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Sadly, the building doesn't seem to fare well after the Earth is destroyed. I didn't see any sign of it post-apocalypse.