Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mitt Romney Mocks Century Names

I don't like to delve into political matters on this blog, but I was disturbed to hear Mitt Romney making light of one of my favorite things: century names!

Photo courtesy of the New York Times.

New York magazine ran this excerpt of a recent Romney interview about two of his grandchildren:
"A few months ago we had twins come in, and you can't believe what they're named: Winston and Eleanor. [Laughs.] I mean, it's going back to the glorious days of the thirties and forties, I guess. But these are just darling little infants, and to have such big names on them is really something, although they call them Ellie and Win ... When I heard Winston and Eleanor, I thought, It sounds like two English bulldogs, but they're adorable children." —Mitt Romney
I've never promoted Winston on this site, but I did suggest Woodrow was the "ultimate century name." (It may not be popular among Republicans, though, because of our 28th president.) And it's pretty clear how I feel about Eleanor.

Romney has gone too far this time.