Monday, February 04, 2013

Time Zone Affective Disorder

This was my first time watching a Super Bowl game on the East Coast in almost two decades. I found it to be a surprisingly disorienting experience.

Photo courtesy of AP.

No, not the blackout or that fact that the 49ers lost a heartbreaking game in the final minutes. I mean the timing of the event itself.

When you're on the West Coast, the Super Bowl starts around 3 p.m. It's all about daylight barbecues, midday drinking and a generally sunny vibe.

On the East Coast, where you're watching the game three hours later, you have to brace yourself for darkness, ruined dinners and screaming children who are late for their bedtime.

This is no way to do the Super Bowl, people.

The game will be played next year in New York (well, New Jersey)  the first time the NFL has allowed a cold-weather city to host the Super Bowl without a domed stadium.

It seems all the more reason to have the game during the day, when it's at least a little warmer. Let's make this happen.