Saturday, February 09, 2013

The 'Perfect' Storm

It sounds like New England was hit hard by last night's blizzard, but it was pretty much ideal in New York.

There was plenty of snow for sledding, snowmen, snowball fights, snow angels or just enjoying a soft blanket of powder. And yet, not so much that we had power outages or major accidents (it helps that there's hardly any vehicle traffic here on Roosevelt Island).

Plus, it was the weekend.

Roosevelt Island's Southtown Hill

It's amazing how much a foot of snow can transform a city. Concrete steps, sidewalks and gutters become completely forgiving, whether you want to slide down them, roll around or accidentally fall on your face.

The gritty urban landscape vanishes — at least, until the powder turns to dirty sludge.

The New York Times may have incorrectly predicted a "perfect" snowstorm in late December. Well, I think we just got it.

The Upper East Side

Even Queens looked pleasant.