Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Busytown USA, Now in Canada

Our kids' current favorite show is "Busytown Mysteries," a Richard Scarry adaptation in which Huckle Cat, his sister Sally and the contortionist worm Lowly solve petty crimes. (Several seasons of the show are available on Netflix, which is pretty much the children's exclusive source of television.)

I've previously discussed the Canadian monopoly on toddler/preschool TV, and this is yet another example of that. Scarry was an American and I seem to recall that the town used to be called "Busytown USA," but "Busytown Mysteries" is populated with Canadian speakers. ("Sore-y aboat that. See you tom-ore-o.")

I am happy that the show teaches analytical thinking, even if most of the mysteries are pretty obvious from the get-go. For instance, I'm pretty sure if the mouse-family cheese car has a bite taken out of it, the vehicle shaped like a giant set of teeth is going to be the culprit. DUN-DUN.

I also wonder about the quality of life in Busytown. Sure, its murder rate is low, but property crimes are through the roof. Also, is anyone wearing a seatbelt?