Sunday, February 24, 2013

Are You Ready for a Surge of Babies Named Jrue?

Photo credit: Wikipedia
I haven't been following the NBA too closely lately (other than the status of the Santa Cruz Warriors' new stadium), but it's hard to miss the breakout star Jrue Holiday.

The Philadelphia 76er, who's playing his fourth season in the NBA, is leading his team in points and made his first trip to the All-Star Game last week.

All this attention makes me wonder: Are parents going to be inspired to name their own little ones Jrue?

First, some background: The name is pronounced "Drew," and it stemmed from his family's desire to continue a J-name streak.

From an interview he did in 2009:
My mom and my mom's sister were on a kick with J names ... my cousins' names are Jessica, Jenna, Jade, Jaelyn and James. My oldest brother is Justin and my name is Jrue (my mom liked the name Dru, but wanted to figure out how to keep with the J theme). After me though, that kinda ended, because my sister is Lauren and brother is Aaron.
Now it's easy to dismiss "kre8tive" spellings, but it took a clever stroke of phonology to realize you could perfectly duplicate the "Dr-" sound with "Jr-." Kudos to the mom for that.

And there seem to be many people who like to give their kids J names exclusively. I personally know at least two families who have done so (and there's the Duggars of "19 Kids and Counting" fame, of course).

But I have to deduct points for Jrue's mom not following through. From a sib-set perspective, Jrue, Justin, Lauren and Aaron is a major fail.