Friday, January 18, 2013

The iPotty: There's a (cr)App For That

We still have two kids to potty-train, and I'm interested in anything that will make the process easier.

So I came upon this product with an open mind. It's called the iPotty, and it aims to entice toddlers to do their business by letting them simultaneously play with an iPad. (Note: iPad not included.)

The green lid — pictured below — opens to reveal a toilet seat, and the iPotty protects the iPad with a plastic cover. There's also a splash guard for boys. (Still, I remain partial to the toddler urinal.)

The $40 product was introduced last week at the Consumer Electronics Show, and I gather it was the target of some good-natured ribbing (pooh-poohing?). But some pundits are willing to give it a shot.

From the moms page on the "Today" show's website:
Some child development experts see the iPad or iPod Touch quite differently—as a powerful incentive for kids who need that extra little nudge during the toilet training process. Maria Zimmitti, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist in in Washington, D.C.,  who works with children and their families, and specializes in potty training consulting for parents and toddlers. 
“Within the normal bell curve, most kids can sit on the potty perfectly fine,” Zimmitti says. “But some children do have a really hard time with it, and it’s quite frustrating for them and their parents.” 
So according to Zimmitti, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using the iPad as a motivator for potty training — the same way a parent might use a piece of chocolate or toy train as a reward...
Forget the iPotty — who is using chocolate as a reward during potty training?

This is risky, folks. When brown stuff is smeared all over your child, it's best to know exactly what substance you're dealing with.