Monday, January 07, 2013

Reach Out (of the Womb) and Touch Someone

After our second born's precipitous delivery, the nurses shared stories about other frightening incidents, including an infant who reached out of the womb to grab the nurse.

Well, it turns out that kind of scenario isn't fantasy  a similar thing just happened in Arizona. In fact, the dad managed to snap a photo of it.


In this case, it was during a C-section delivery. So it's not as if the baby's hand popped out of the cervix like the shallow grave in "Carrie."

From the HuffPost Parents site:
Father Randy Atkins' quick camera work gave birth to a now-viral picture that Nevaeh's mom, Alicia, called "truly amazing" on Facebook. "I am in awe of this photo," wrote Alicia, who is the professional photographer in the family. 
According to outlets, Alicia feared that many would see the picture as disgusting. As it turned out, it was "priceless," she said.

I agree. If this is a horror story, it's only because they named the child Nevaeh.