Thursday, January 31, 2013

Come Purchase Christopher Columbus' 'Bland Trappings'

Remember the "Discovering Columbus" exhibit, which placed a towering statue of the explorer inside a typical American living room?

As you may recall, Elliot and I had a great time at the installation. And I urged the artist to do something similar with the Winged Victory statue in San Francisco.

Well, the exhibit is long gone now, but you do have a one-time opportunity to buy all the stuff in the living room.

I received this message on Tuesday from the Public Art Fund, which helped put on "Discovering Columbus":
This is an opportunity to take home a piece of this exhibition at an accessible price. In addition to the couch, items offered include a media console, bookshelves, lamps, coffee tables, vases, a 55" LED TV, and decorative objects like the small horse and car sculptures.
The proceeds go to the Public Art Fund, so it's a good cause. But you have to wonder if art-minded New Yorkers want to buy furnishings from a living room that was deliberately meant to be prosaic and bourgeois.

Here's how the art blog Hyperallergic described it: artificial living room, which is furnished with such typically bland American trappings as taupe chairs and a rug, a plum couch, and a flat screen TV.
I suppose there's nothing wrong with "bland American trappings," but they'll probably look a lot less cool when you don't have a giant Columbus statue in the middle of your living room.