Sunday, December 30, 2012

Cities Visited: 2012 Edition

Santa Cruz (photo courtesy of Wikipedia).
This is my seventh year of compiling a list of cities I've visited  an idea that came from fellow blogger Anh-Minh. (She has become a more prodigious traveler than me over the years, though a less frequent blogger. I'm pretty sure those two things are connected.)

The rule is you can only count cities where you stayed overnight, and you can't include your current place of residence. (I think it's OK for me to include New York in the 2012 tally because I didn't live here when I visited the city earlier in the year.)

My low-water mark was 2011, when I only had five cities on my list. (At the time, I remarked that even Ted Kaczynski probably traveled more than this.)

This year I managed to eke out eight, thanks to a couple of business trips and a summer vacation.

Here's the list, in chronological order of when I visited:
1. Santa Cruz, Calif.
2. New York
3. Boxboro, Mass.
4. Northeast Harbor, Maine
5. Scituate, Mass.
6. Waterloo, Ontario
7. Toronto
8. Kansas City, Mo.

It's worth noting that I haven't traveled anywhere since our third child was born in October. In fact, other than crossing the Roosevelt Island Bridge once on foot, I haven't left the borough of Manhattan in months.

If I stay on this trajectory, my total for 2013 may be zero.